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Cayin C9

Cayin C9

The C9 from Cayin is the perfect accessory to your favorite headphones whenever you're on the go. The portable headphone amplifier has the option to switch between class A and AB, tube or solid state, high or low gain, and plenty of other options and features. Pair the C9 with you favorite source for rich, organic sounding high-fidelity audio.


  • Tube/Solid State Dual Timbre
  • A/AB Class
  • 2600mW p.c. 32Ohms
  • Fully Discrete, Fully Balanced
  • Line Input – SE/BAL
  • Pre-amp input – SE/Bal
  • 4.4mm/3.5mm Input and output
  • SE/BAL Conversion
  • Electronic Volume Control
  • Modular battery USB-C QC3.0
  • 5.5-15 Hrs Battery Life
  • 160x80x28 (mm)
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