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Crescendo Bar & Dining 15

Crescendo Bar & Dining 15

Sounds familiar? You are meeting friends in this modern industrial-style place and you have to shout to be able to communicate. It’s hard to hear your companionship and the evening turns out to be exhausting because of all the chatter, music and laughter bouncing against the hard walls.
The venue placed some soft foam under the dinner tables to improve the acoustics of the building, but it hardly helps.
If you could just turn the overall volume down, that would be a relief!

Crescendo Bar & Dining 15 are very discrete eartips with acoustic filters that turn the volume down just a little bit with an average of 16dB. This makes your acoustic environment somewhat smaller, making it suddenly a lot easier to concentrate on a conversation. The continuous noise around you is being muted and brought to the back, making your evening even more and longer enjoyable.

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