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klatre LS1 Bone-conduction Headphones / Rock/Black&Gray

klatre LS1 Bone-conduction Headphones / Rock/Black&Gray

  • 【Open-Ear Comfort】Experience unparalleled comfort with open-ear design, perfect for long listening sessions.
  • 【BoostBass1.0 Sound Quality】Among bone conduction headphones, our BoostBass1.0 technology delivers exceptional sound clarity and depth.
  • 【Hearing Protection】Bone conduction technology bypasses eardrums, providing a safer listening experience than traditional headphones.
  • 【8-Hour Battery Life】Enjoy Uninterrupted Music All Day with 8-Hour Battery Life
  • 【1-Hour Quick Charge】Get back to your music faster with 1-hour quick charge feature.
  • 【Water and Sweat Resistant】Stay worry-free with water and sweat resistant headphones, perfect for workouts and outdoor activities.
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